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I have appeared on multiple podcasts in the last few years on different topics like SEO, Google Analytics and CRO. I do this because I’m happy to share my knowledge and help other practitioners and business with their challenges. When people ask me why I do that the answer is pretty straightforward; there is so much work out there, basically any website can be optimized in one way or another. I would like to thank the following podcasters who had me on their podcast (click on them to follow them on twitter);

I had a chat with Kate Toon on how to optimise your landing pages to drive more revenue.

I appeared on Alina’s podcast 2 times, on on how to use Google Ads for SEO and more and once on Analytics Myth Busting.

Had a very nice chat with Sam (Deepcrawl) on company culture and the effects on SEO and CRO.

I was on Guido’s podcast the CRO Cafe twice, once chatting about CRO and how to find good CRO people and once ranting about Analytics.


Craig and I had fun in this episode where we spoke about common Tech SEO mistakes we bump into.

I chatted with Joris Bryon on the 3 pillars of a successful ecommerce SEO strategy.

Jason and myself had fun in the episode talking about knowledge graphs and trust building for SEO.

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Arnout Hellemans

Arnout Hellemans, online (search) marketer with a huge focus on conversions from Amsterdam. I have a passion for making the web more usable and helping businesses getting the most out of their online adventures.

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