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I wanted to write a post on Online Marketing Buzzwords.

What are BuzzWords; Buzzwords are words or phrases used to impress other non industry people, or an expression which is fashionable (or in the news). Buzzwords happen in all industries but online marketing is one of the bigger industries since it’s ‘hip and happening’.


So here are some:

  • CPL; In Facebook; Cost per Like in other online media it may also be  Cost per Lead.
  • CPA: Cost per Action, Cost per Aquisition, it all depends on the context…
  • CPC: Cost per Click (very well known with marketeers since this is one of the main Adwords metrics).
  • CPM: Cost per Mille; The cost per (thousand) impressions. This is a term that applies to display (or text) ads where the advertiser pays for the number of times his ad is displayed (impressions).
  • 360 campaign; A marketing plan that blends offline and online, including social media, search, banners and (offline) magazines and newspapers.
  • ROI; Return On Investment (used to be ‘bang for your buck’ or just logical sense of what the return is when investing in Marketing).
  • Earned Media; Second party distribution of your own content without any cost to you (the online version of word-to-mouth ;-))
  • Gamification; the processes to drive engagement but using gaming (psychology) tricks (Facebook has perfected this; you should try to de-install your facebook app on your phone…)
  • PPC: Pay-Per-Click: In online advertising, it is the most common way to pay for your ad. Every time someone clicks on your ad, you pay a certain amount. This is the way Google Adwords works.
  • Remarketing: Following a visitor around based on the content he has looked at on your website and show them ads ;-). Can be done the right or the wrong way (irritating as hell)…
  • SEO; Search Engine Optimization; optimizing for organic search traffic.
  • Brand Equity: The value of a brand based on the public’s perception of it.
  • Influencer: A person who is capable of convincing a group of people to think a particular way or perform particular actions.

Disclaimer: I might use quite a few but will always explain them in plain English before we start implementing one or more. So you might want to Contact me ;-).

Online Marketing Buzzwords
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